beyond coaching

there’s being successful and there’s living life-as-a-masterpiece

Vincent Daranyi
10 min readMar 19, 2023

with ai taking the world by storm and fundamentally altering how we are doing things, clarity around the question of who i am and what i am here to do is more crucial than ever. i have sat down to clearly articulate how i am empowering clients to navigate and remove obstacles in life’s journey: that is through going beyond performance, life, business or executive coaching and looking at what fundamentally is holding you back in the pursuit of success, happiness and peace.

all of these can be achieved by any one of us but to do so one has to go deep and look at the roots of life’s challenges. and this is what i am offering: a look at the depth of your being free from judgement or opinion. i am simply here to empower you to see the real you for yourself, free from the biases of your mind. if this resonates, read on.

there are more than 4 million coaches in the world. they all claim to improve your performance, health, wealth, work and life. and many of them do.

i have worked with clients on all of these aspects and more:

  • restructuring their venture capital firm around their needs
  • finding new purpose as a retired entrepreneur
  • moving out of depression into creation and newly found joy
  • pivoting a startup’s business model and creating an investment story
  • turning life’s obstacles into a book
  • finding freedom in leaving an unfulfilling career and carving a new life path
  • moving from a dysfunctional relationship with an ex-partner into peace and flow with joint custody
  • redefining their way of relating with the other sex
  • transforming their understanding of life while battling with cancer

after eight years of working with clients and on my own being, i have found that no matter where you are or how far you have gone in life that there are deeper questions that are asking to be answered:

  • who am i?
  • why am i here?
  • how can i live in flow?
  • how can i finally arrive?

once you start exploring these, all other questions will answer themselves. rather than trying to keep painting the leaves of your tree green, we will go beneath the ground and attend to the roots that are the foundation for everything you experience above the surface in your life.

this is a deep labour of love. it is also called The Great Work. it is the only work we are here to do. everything else in life is a tool to help us in this process of waking up and rising above the challenges and noise of daily life: relationships, work, money, health, everything outside of yourself is simply there to help you transform into your highest way of being. and when you do, happiness, health, flow and bliss are a natural outpouring of it. this work is no easy feat. that’s why it’s called The Great Work. but when you earnestly commit to this work, you will not only find all the peace you have been looking for but the triggers and drama of life will start to dissipate. there is no work that is more meaningful and with higher reward.

if this work calls you, i am inviting you to explore working with me. for this work to be successful, we operate within a framework with clear ground rules. as we go along, you will become aware of why they are crucial.

ground rules

1/ committing: you take this work seriously and give it your full commitment. this includes being on time for our calls. not one minute early nor late but on time. this is for yourself because it is crucial that you are being your word.

2/ being your word: when you are not your word to yourself and others, inner integrity is no longer available. cognitive dissonance in the form of mind chatter keeps you imprisoned and from experiencing the power of presence.

3/ clearing: when you have broken your word with yourself, you clear. clearing is about removing the story and false justification you are telling yourself. this is what the mind is great at and what creates all the obstacles in life.

4/ renegotiating: the goal is to always be your word. if for whatever reason that becomes impossible, e.g. you can no longer make an appointment, you need to renegotiate prior to our scheduled call.

5/ completion: i am here to be of service to you doing your work. if you keep breaking your word repeatedly while failing to renegotiate, we will complete our coaching agreement. you need to want to succeed more than i want you to.

6/ permission: you are here because you are looking for a breakthrough. as your coach, i am here to challenge and push you in ways you have never been pushed so that what was your limiting ceiling now becomes your new floor.

7/ references: nearly everything we uncover will fall somewhere under these four themes: a/ looking good, b/ being right, c/ conversation of time (relationship and intimacy with others) and d/ conversation of money (commitments).

8/ my pledge: i am here for you 24/7. i am committed to do everything in my power to help you succeed in breaking through and out of what has been limiting you. it is your work and i will be guiding you as much as you need.

9/ our agreement: i am about supporting your journey to its deepest levels so you create an inner connection that opens into limitless. it is an all or nothing proposition. all in, no back doors, no way out, no excuses.

now the fun part

i love when coachees hit the magic zone and when what was previously your ceiling becomes your new floor. this is why i am in this work. real, beyond coaching creates seeming miracles but really it is just fully applying yourself to this work. we are powerful beyond measure and i am here to empower you to unleash your entire magnificient being. it is your birthright.

when this work is taken seriously it is going to be just as exciting as you are going to discover yourself in a completely new way. and you will have fun being on this journey. the journey we are all here for: to remove our limitations and share our authentic being with others and the world.

if this resonates deeply with and within you, i am excited to get to know you and invite you to an exploratory call. this call will be a full coaching session where you will experience how coaching with me looks and feels like. if this is the only conversation we ever have, my commitment to you is to make this the most powerful one and for you to walk away with life changing insights and full clarity of what is possible if we were to continue working together.

coaching programs

1/ executive. one hour weekly for six months. this is the traditional coaching format. it allows us to do deep work over an extended arc of time. in addition to our weekly calls, you will have unlimited access to me over text message. this is the best format if you have a busy schedule and cannot commit to a higher frequency.

2/ intensive. up to one hour daily for forty consecutive days including weekends. this is my flagship program and allows for the most comprehensive work. it is for those that are ready for and seeking to go all in on transformative work. the high frequency of coaching calls allows us to dive into the very details of your way of being and identify and work on where you are standing in your own way.

3/ custom. the above two formats cover almost all client needs. i am however here to serve you in the best way possible and if you believe there is a better format i am open to explore this with you on our exploratory call. be ready to articulate your specific needs and why they support you best.

finally, the money conversation

i studied finance, worked in investment banking, built my own company, advised founders on fundraising and studied bitcoin extensively. the money conversation is one i have been having with others and myself endless times. money touches everything we do. it is also the subject that keeps the world and all of us stuck in the old scarcity paradigm. money is not only a tool to transact and store the fruits of our labour, it is also an energy and it is meant to flow between us rather than being hoarded. it is a lesson i had to learn the hard way. read here how i destroyed a fortune and what it taught me.

i am here to serve and coach based on commitment rather than your financial capacity. my work is for those that strive to be the change they want to see in the world. i will be giving you all of the energy that you need and money is your tool to complete this exchange. at the end of our explorative coaching call, i will be asking you how much our work is worth to you. this number is meant to be a reflection of your financial means. my experience has shown that the more a client pays, the bigger his commitment and therefore the better his results are. the amount is meant to be significant to you without breaking the bank. the more you have the more it will be worth to you.

bear in mind: “again i tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of god.” the more affluent you are, the more work you will likely require as you are shifting into a new paradigm of being.

putting my money where my mouth is

i believe in the power of my work and i am putting my money where my mouth is. for the executive format, your payment is only due following our fourth call. if at that point you feel this is not the work for you, no payment needs to be made and we will complete our coaching at that point. for the forty days intensive, the payment is due within one week after the completion of the program. if the experience surpassed your expectation, you will have the opportunity to pay more than your initial commitment.

if there are any questions about the financial exchange, we will clarify these on our explorative call so that our space is clear of the money conversation and the the only conversation that is going on is your coaching.

to schedule your explorative call, please send me an email with three one-hour time slots within european time working hours.

frequently asked questions

how can i get to know you better?

the best way to get to know me is to get on a call with me and experience me in person. to learn more about my journey and what i have explored, check out this. if you enjoy reading, check out my newsletter where i am openly dissecting my own journey and my learnings:

what makes you an extraordinary coach?

this is for you to assess. i never believed in template answers, solutions or frameworks. after careers in investment banking in london and as an entrepreneur in brazil, i have spent eight years exploring all aspects of life. i have an insatiable drive to understand and leave no stone unturned to get to the truth. this journey has taken me very deep and to all kind of places where few people go. i have a deep desire to empower others, to empower them around their challenges and to help them to progress beyond their belief in themselves. you will experience all of this when we connect in person.

why is everything in lower-case?

it is an artistic choice and to disrupt mental patterns by presenting something novel and unexpected to the brain. true coaching is all about breaking habituated patterns.

how much should i invest in the work with you?

my fee used to be 30k for six months. this excluded many people from this type of work. i am here to serve those that seek to do deep work irrespective of their current financial capacity. i am committed to transcend the money conversation altogether. your investment in our work is an investment in yourself. some will pay significantly less, others will pay more. a big part of our work together will be from moving out of the mind into the faculties below the neck: your heart, your gut and your intuition. when reflecting about your investment, trust those rather than the fear-driven mind.

why do I need coaching?

no one needs coaching and in sports, everyone has a coach. coaching is about unlocking your full potential as a human being. great coaching is game changing. it allows you to break out of the limtations of your mind and unleash the potential you did not know you had. don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself.

what do you think of ayahuasca and psychedelics?

i have explored most things as we can only understand what we have experienced. there is no mental substitute for actually experiencing. humans have altered their state of mind with the help of substances for thousands of years and they have enabled some of our biggest breakthroughs. psychoactive substances are not part of this coaching program. however, if this is of interest to you, i can guide you in your exploration and our work together will be part of your integration of the experience which all too often is completely neglected.

do you have a proper website?

i used to have an extensive website and i now believe less is more. my clients don’t find me through my website. i have not updated it in years and it does not reflect who i am being now. if you are interested in the 2019 vincent, feel free to check it out:

i have more questions

i welcome those. please bring them to our exploratory call.