70/ conspiracies are no longer theories

Vincent Daranyi
3 min readFeb 14, 2024

Here’s the original article and voiceover.

After a decade of seeking truth (here’s a summary), I have to conclude that the seemingly inconceivable is true:

Censorship is everywhere.

We play part in a global conspiracy.

It is all a big show. Nothing is what it seems to be.

Governments are no longer our protectors but our enslavers.

Wars are fought not to bring peace but to extend power and wash money.

Politicians are groomed, elections influenced and leaders are instructed what to do.

The media is its propaganda machine serving the agenda of our global enslavement.

Hollywood movies like the Truman Show and Matrix are closer to reality than fiction.

The difference between China and the West is that we are made to believe we are free when we are trapped in an intricate system of lies that provide sufficient freedoms to keep us highly productive entities.

The longer we ignore the above, the tighter the system becomes with us ultimately all living in a social credit system under a one world government with a programmable central bank digital currency.

We will own nothing, our freedoms will be constrained and we will be dependent on the government as AI and robots do all of our work. Yuval Harari already refers to us as the useless class.

Both Orwell’s 1984 and Our Brave New World are coming true.

We are talking years not decades. The WEF, WHO, Bill Gates, George Soros, the military-industrial complex, CIA and other agencies are hard at work to make this dystopian future a reality.

Sociopaths are running the world but only our lack of awareness and compliance keeps the system in place. We vastly outnumber them.

This will upset a lot of people, get me canceled and ignored. I get it. It’s very upsetting to me too. I used to think all of the above is crazy talk. I wish it was.

However, things are accelerating so fast that I feel we no longer have the luxury of time to not take a public stand.

Luckily, people are waking up and fighting the system. Most recently the farmers in Europe.

We have a small window of opportunity to turn this ship around.

What can we do about it?

My focus is the creation of a new, humane system of living. A new earth.

I used to think neoslife — the New Earth Operating System for life is about the creation of a well-being center and village.

But the most urgent matter is to create a home that celebrates freedom, well-being and removes us from the dependence on the government. Where we live on our own land, with our own food, energy, water, holistic healthcare, school and community.

This is my mission. I have committed my personal resources to it. This is not a vanity or commercial project. It’s about creating a beautiful Noah’s Arc where we will all want to live — freely and happily.

We are in the process of acquiring this 410 ha (1,010 acres) estate 75 mins outside of Lisbon, Portugal. Legal due diligence has just been completed and we are ready to move forward.

It’s imho the perfect place to create a new civilisation while being close enough to the existing one. We only need €5MM to kickstart it.

If this is you or you know someone, please get in touch and let’s create a place worth living.

With love

Here’s a 3D model of the land. Use mouse/trackpad and shift key to navigate it.

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