4/ powerful beyond measure

We’re all powerful beyond measure but keeping ourselves small

Vincent Daranyi
5 min readSep 21, 2022

Two hours of meditation. And there was little pain, I mean the physical pain is always there but it retreated more than before into the background despite the length of the meditation. My longest meditation yet, it showed me the real power of and why I’m doing this twice a day.

In this place of calm and clarity, where anything is possible, the chattering mind retreats into the back and the observer (me) comes forward who observes the chatter of the mind and smiles about it, acknowledging it and then letting it go. It’s a place of calm and all the daily noise is gone.

It’s the most powerful practice there is to navigate life. It helps me to walk the talk, embody calmness and equanimity, to surrender and go beyond the mind, realising that all the limitations I put on myself and the worries and anxieties that keep playing up in my mind are just noise, chatter from the subconscious that has been conditioned into it a long time ago when I was little or who knows from what life or ancestors.

It’s those limiting beliefs that build a prison and that meditation brings forward and from that place, I can see, detached from my body and the chattering mind, that I’m (and we all are) so much bigger than that noise. As it says in “the deepest fear”: “… You are a child of God. Playing small does not serve the world…” We can all be so much bigger than we play. We are meant to be so much bigger, larger than life.

Occasionally, some humans walk the planet that are larger than life and not because they are playing big but because they have become equanimous to pain and pleasure, they understand that these are merely signals from the body and that once we get detached from it and outcomes, they are just information. One does not need to be caught up in the drama.

The mind is so incredibly powerful in creating stories and therefore a lot of suffering in our lives. The more I look at it and myself, the more I have to laugh. It’s a joke. It’s a cosmic joke that keeps all of us holding back and being held back. We are all playing small, kindergarten-like, because we rarely or never take the time to step back and out of the mind and realise the vastness we are.

We are operating our very own prisons through the mental soup that we let our minds create and we then, mostly undiscerning, consume and accept as truth. That is literally what’s holding back humanity. Our smallness of thinking that makes us miss out on who we truly are. “We are powerful beyond measure.” We are master manifestors. We constantly manifest our thoughts and they turn into reality, sooner or later.

Whether it is the belief that I don’t deserve money or I don’t have money or I am lost or the right partner is hard to find, all of these are beliefs that turn themselves into reality and thereby keep me small. At the same time, when I stop thinking negative thoughts and beliefs and I operate from a place of abundance and where everything is possible, that’s the very reality that I am creating.

And for that, as it says in the book Three Magic Words, I need conviction and faith. Conviction of my positive thoughts and faith that those manifest in the physical reality. I have no control over how but that they will manifest. And then they do. What’s holding us back is that we keep ourselves stuck in self-limiting beliefs and then manifest the very smallness and worries that the subconscious mind is spitting out by attaching to these thoughts.

And meditation is the most powerful tool I’ve experienced against that human condition. It brings those self-destructive thought patterns to the surface, for me to observe, to see how they are both limiting, self-imposed and, most importantly, not true. And to be able to then let them go and step beyond them.

That’s how I become fully empowered. Realising that none of them are true, they are just conditioned beliefs and behaviours based on my old experiences, stuff that is down in the basement and has been for decades and that I have not looked at or cleared out but that has been driving my life all along — unconsciously.

And then meditation comes along to make me become aware of that basement, actually go down there, put a spotlight on and see what there is and then throwing things out one by one, until, one day, there is nothing more left that doesn’t serve.

And with every single thing I throw out, I become lighter, more clear, gaining an ease of being and more empowered to do incredible things on this planet, small or big, not because I have to or because I am so cool but because I can and because that’s what I came here for, to let my soul shine brightly out and touch everyone around me with my light, not holding back because of fears of judgement or limiting beliefs, nothing can hold me back because I chose to come down here to do extraordinary things and for that I have to let go of those old limiting beliefs that are not serving, they are my past and I am grateful for all that they forced me to see and learn but now I am stepping into a new life, new rules, my own, consciously chosen ones, that empower me rather than hold me back and so I will shine my light brightly.

And if you feel called by this, you can do the very same thing. Just sit down every day and start meditating. First minutes and then hours. And a whole new world will open up in front of your eyes.

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