2/ leaving the game

Vincent Daranyi
5 min readSep 15, 2022


I’m on a journey of waking myself up from the illusion that is me, who I think I am and how I think the world works. After my meditation, I sit down and let a stream of consciousness manifest on paper. I am writing without stopping nor thinking. They are reflections on life and the deep transformation I am going through — with the purpose to inspire you. From thinking to being. Daily.

We are playing the wrong game. From the day we are born we are told what to do, what job to get, and what one cannot or one should or should not do. That’s a very restrictive way of life. As Steve Jobs said: “Life can be so much broader. When you look around you, everything you see has been built by people no smarter than you. And you can build things and you can build things that other people use. When you realise that you’ll never be the same again.” Steve got it right but it goes much further than this. You can live life on your own terms. Nothing you have been told are set rules. Let me illustrate that by giving a few examples of things we are all told but that are wrong. The food we are brought up to eat is wrong, you don’t want to eat cereals for breakfast, you don’t want to eat fast food, you don’t want to eat things that come out of a factory. Our stomachs were made by nature for what nature created not a factory. When you go into a food store, 90% of products are with labels which are mostly processed food, the one you don’t want to eat. We don’t want fried food, we don’t want soda, we don’t want sugar, etc. etc. And as a result of believing that to eat this crappy food is normal (keeping big industries with our consumption alive) we get sick and then another industry takes over that in most cases won’t heal us but is good at keeping as alive and on their meds (the pharma industry). We know, though it’s not common knowledge, that there are much better remedies in most cases than from the medical and pharma industry even for cancer treatment. And that is because we are made believe that we are just physical beings, a product of biological evolution. Nothing could be further from the truth. And the fact that most readers will think it’s crazy what I am about to say goes to show how far we have been removed from understanding our true nature thanks to so called “education” that teaches us little about how to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life: We are energy beings that use a denser body to have an experience on this planet. Some people can see people’s aura (their energy), you can capture it and we can all feel it, ours and someone else’s energy (that feeling you have about people). And our energetic body’s store our information and feelings. The physical body is the densest and therefore the last body that we express ourselves through. Everything that happens in the body, e.g. disease, is the result of something gone wrong on a higher plane. And physical disease, therefore, is mostly an expression of manifested trauma, conflict or environmental factors. For example, breast cancer on the left side, for a right-handed person, relates to a problem with a feminine person in your life, usually mom, partner, a sister or a daughter, right side would be with a male figure in your life. And so the healing of cancer is not through chemo which is just fighting the symptom but through a) getting the body’s vitality up, which expresses itself through the cell voltage that can be measured. This cell voltage creates an electromagnetic field and this field keeps the DNA double helix glued together. When vitality drops below a threshold level, because of unresolved conflicts that you keep carrying with you, the field is too weak and the DNA helix opens and neverending cell replication starts. Cancer cells are just your body’s cells replicating non-stop. The moment the body’s vitality is brought back up and b) the conflict or trauma is addressed and resolved, cell replication will stop and the body will absorb the excessive cells. Cancer has gone into remission and disappeared. That’s it. Yet, we don’t recognise that… But I got carried away with health. This is supposed to be an article about leaving the game so leaving the game and playing by one’s own game or rather the game based on natural law means to recognise, to awaken to the indoctrination of our culture and education system at large and to start seeking for what is really true for oneself. And all the information we need is out there and widely available. One just has to break through the matrix of one’s own belief system and decades of indoctrination and one shall find everything including the above on cancer. And of course, this is a difficult task because so many people will encourage you to stay in the conventional game, the game that everybody is playing, keeping you small vs how life could be. And they think you are crazy for wanting to leave the game. It is Plato’s cave allegory at work: We are all looking at the shadow dance and think that is reality until we get up turn around and get out of the cave. This is a journey for each of us individually. Others can help and guide us but ultimately we have to do the work ourselves, challenge and then change our belief systems. And it can feel like dying because everything one thought was true is not. It’s like realising one’s partner has been cheating all along and one is completely overwhelmed with the situation. That’s how it is with mainstream reality. It’s not reality. It’s a construct. Once you start awakening to that, so many things will become clear. Most things are a show and what the news and other outlets are telling us is often either wrong or not the whole story. One needs to develop discernment and then one needs to learn not wanting to convince everybody else that the shadows are just shadows. We all have to wake up in our own time. I’ve learnt the hard way that screaming around is not the way to go. I just do my work, I realise, I learn, I change my ways, my life, my diet, my friends, my conversations, my routine, my work, everything, and some of the changes are tough. But life gets ever more beautiful and liberating and I’m becoming more clear of who I am and why I am here. I’m leaving the game to play the game I came here for rather than the game the system wants me to play aka to be a good, productive citizen, do what I am told, don’t ask too many questions, don’t bump into too many walls. But as Steve said: “That’s a very limited life. Life can be so much broader…” You didn’t come here not to bump into too many walls, you came here to learn, to grow and to expand and show your full beauty. And once you recognise that, life will never be the same again.

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